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Digital Engineering is about using digital technology to improve profitability. Computers by themselves don’t do that, of course.  It is only when good decisions are made and implemented, that value is added.  But computers can help that process immensely!


The prize is clear – higher production, reduced OPEX, increased ultimate recovery and improved operability and integrity - more cash flow in a shorter time.  To achieve this, digital technologies need to be clearly focused on better decision, delivered quicker with fewer resources.


Decision making is a process. It includes the following elements:


         Collecting / gathering data

         Transmitting / storing / retrieving data

         Analysis, including evaluate of options / risks / recommendations


         Authorization and implementation


The first steps have to do with data.  In many companies the infrastructure is already in place to collect, transmit, store and retrieve data, making it available on the desktop to all potential users.  The challenge now is to complete the decision making process.  This means focusing on work processes, organization and people.


It wasn’t that long ago that data from the field came in morning reports (about one kilobyte of data).  Engineers and managers together wanted more information.  Now we have it!  Terabytes of data from thousands of tags flow to our desktops continuously (gigabytes of stuff).  Now the problem is how to deal with all that information without getting totally buried and lost.


Our culture is designed to deal with morning reports.  What we need to develop is work processes and organizations that survive in gigabytes of information.


A part of the challenge is to improve the way work gets done – better collaboration among team members, doing work concurrently rather than sequentially and communicating results publically on-line.  This new way of working will improve the quality of decisions.


We help clients capture the value from previous investments in digital oilfield technology by leveraging the real time environment for better decisions, arrived at and implemented faster. We help them:

         Assess strategy (technology utilization)

         Identify gaps (software / applications)

         Reconfigure work processes

         Identify required skill sets / training 






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